Devils coach John Hynes is well aware of Taylor Hall’s contract situation.

He knows the star forward is entering the final year of his contract in 2019-20, and if Hall doesn’t sign an extension this summer, those talks are going to carry over into the season before he potentially enters unrestricted free agency next summer.

Hynes isn’t worried about any of that. The coach understands the business aspect of the sport, and he has no concerns about Hall’s ability to put that aside when it comes to actually playing hockey next season.

“Taylor’s invested here. The contract thing is a contract thing. When you look at player-coach relationships and the way he wants to play, the way I look at is as a coach, he’s all-in,” Hynes said. “If he’s going to be on this team this year, he’s all-in to play. And it winds up where his contract isn’t done, it’s not going to affect who he is as a person and what he believes in.”

Hynes remains in regular contact with Hall, like he has in past offseasons, and the coach will likely make his annual visit to Hall in Toronto at some point before the end of July.