Look at him. Just look at those cherubic, chubby cheeks. Eyes straight ahead, hands on knees, crouching, ready to pounce on the next baseball that travels his way. Boston Red Sox jersey and baby-faced. Just like his father. The child in the picture is 16 now. A boy on the cusp of manhood. A baller in the Dominican Republic facing an adult decision: Does he reach for a pen next month when he becomes eligible to sign a professional baseball contract? Or does he stay in school and work on developing his imperfect game? He has been dreaming of this day for so long that you can practically close your eyes and picture him as a boy, with a baseball glove, a legacy and, shoot, maybe even a mango tree nearby. "It's still there!" exclaims Pedro Pablo Martinez Jr., 16, youngest son of Pedro You-Know-Who, Hall of Famer and the dad in this story. "It's in Manoguayabo, the place where my dad comes from. Where my grandma had her first house. "He has a little spot there where he grows food and vegetables. He loves flowers. He tells me stories about how he would study and do his homework on the mango tree. The branches are very strong, and he would sit on one of them and do his homework." It was following a bitter Game 2 loss in the 2004 American League Championship Series to the hated New York Yankees that his pitcher/poet/philosopher father unspooled what at once was a classic line, after some 56,000 full-throated denizens of Yankee Stadium lustily serenaded him throughout the game with chants of "Who's Your Daddy?! Who's Your Daddy?!" It became the Bronx's favorite taunt when, after another frustrating loss to the Yankees machine a month earlier Martinez told reporters, "I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy."