The Jets’ season still has a week technically left in it, but is there anything to see this week other than whether Christian Hackenberg plays? The game against the Patriots is an afterthought. The focus of Jets fans already has shifted to the offseason — a huge offseason for general manager Mike Maccagnan and the Jets. The team will have about $100 million in salary-cap space and a top-10 draft pick. Time to fix this roster, Mike. That roster renovation starts at quarterback, of course. The Jets’ search for a franchise quarterback is entering its fifth decade with some near misses such as Ken O’Brien and Chad Pennington and some major misses like Browning Nagle and Geno Smith. Maccagnan and the Jets have plenty of directions to go in this offseason to find a quarterback. Let’s look at some of their options from most likely to least likely: 1. The Josh and Josh show It looks like the Jets will be drafting somewhere between Nos. 6 and 8 depending on how things shake out on Sunday in Week 17. That is going to be too low to get presumed top quarterbacks Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold, but Wyoming’s Josh Allen will be very much in play. Allen could fall to where the Jets are drafting or they could move up a few spots to leapfrog someone they think could take him. The Browns, Giants and Broncos are all teams that could be in the quarterback market drafting ahead of the Jets. The Browns have the No. 1 pick and the Giants can fall no lower than third. Denver could be the key team if the Jets want to get Allen.