Ray Anderson wants to gloat. The Arizona State athletic director has enough I-told-you-sos ready to fill a conference room.

"I'm glad we were able to say we were right," Anderson said. "And you, frankly, were very wrong. You prejudged us vociferously."

Anderson is talking to me, to you, to anybody who doubted his decision 26 months ago to hire Herm Edwards. 

Plucking a former coach best known for being an ESPN analyst had its flaws. So did trying to redefine the infrastructure of college coaching in a press release manifesto featuring a much-lampooned "New Leadership Model" filled with corporate buzzwords.

The New Leadership Model will allow for resource sharing and strategic planning between the football staff and administrators who are directly involved with the program. ... Sun Devil Football's existing recruiting infrastructure will be upgraded through additional staff support and evaluation resources, by instilling a culture of accountability at all levels ...