Teams with head-coaching vacancies as of 8:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, along with teams who have told their coaches they won’t be back, can begin interviewing assistant coaches from other teams, 12 days before the conclusion of the regular season. So which other coaches could learn in the next 40 hours or so that they’re out?

Here’s a list of guys who potentially have reason to be concerned, ranging from those who should be most concerned to those who should be least concerned.

Matt Nagy, Bears: Dysfunctional teams do dysfunctional things. And the Bears seem to be sufficiently dysfunctional to fire a guy with two playoff appearances in three seasons, eight months after authorizing a trade up to get a potential franchise quarterback, whom the next coach may not want. If they’ve already decided to make a change, there’s no reason to delay the implementation of the move. Which probably means they will.