During Aaron Boone's introductory press conference Wednesday, he recognized that he would have a learning curve as the Yankees manager. As such, Boone intimated that he would be able to lean on his coaching staff in an effort to get him up to speed as quickly as possible. While Boone and Yankees general manager Brian Cashman believe that experience in the bench coach role would be beneficial, neither was willing to say it was a necessity. "I just hired a manager without actual managing experience. I do take great comfort in having Larry Rothschild down there. He is one of the best pitching coaches in the game and a former manager," Cashman said. "He served under some of the best managerial people in the game, Lou Piniella obviously in Chicago, Jim Leyland in Miami and Joe Girardi. I think Larry has a lot to offer." Boone concurred with Rothschild's importance and noted that the bench coach having experience was "not a prerequisite." Boone continued his thoughts. "I want (someone) smart sitting next to me. I want confidence sitting next to me. I want a guy who can walk out into that room and as I talk about relationships I expect to have with my players, I expect that even to be more so with my coaching staff. I want smart guys capable of connecting and impacting players. Whether that is guys with all kinds of experience or little experience, I am not concerned about that.'' So, who will the Yankees turn to in order to fill what is arguably as important a decision as the one to name Boone the skipper? Here are some options the Yanks might consider with varying levels of experience and expertise: Jay Bell One of the more surprising circumstances that arose from the managerial interview process was that none of the minor league coaches received a sit down with Cashman and the others assisting in the decision making. When the undertaking began, Bell was among the names that made some sense considering the Yankees seemed to be veering away from long-standing managers. Bell has experience as a bench coach for two different MLB clubs (Arizona and Cincinnati) as well as leading the Yankees Single-A affiliate in Tampa to an exceptional regular season record in 2017. However, Bell may simply be bumped up the minor league coaching ladder with former Triple-A skipper Al Pedrique's departure. Fredi Gonzalez Gonzalez is currently the third base coach for the Marlins, but it is doubtful they would hold him back from taking a role with the Yanks to be Boone's right-hand man. Gonzalez, an MLB manager with the Marlins and Braves for parts of 10 seasons, was often among the names bandied about to replace Girardi at the outset of the process. He produced up-and-down results as the Marlins' skipper, while his time with the Braves began with three very solid finishes, including a division title in 2013. From there, things went down hill. Gonzalez is well respected and can certainly provide a sounding board to Boone.