How many NHL coaches woke up on Monday, heard that Barry Trotz was freshly unemployed and audibly groaned?

Fifteen? Twenty? Thirty-one?

Yep, a big, unexpected name has cannonballed into the coaching carousel. It seems we can thank Lou Lamoriello for that. Now, it’s time to take stock, league-wide, and ask the same question of every team: Are they in the market for a Stanley-Cup-and-914-game-winning head coach with a penchant for defensive systems?

By our count, there are nine separate categories. Away we go.

“Nope, did that already”

Capitals: Peter Laviolette makes this a moot point — but even if he hadn’t kept Washington’s playoff streak alive, the 2018 divorce between Trotz and the Caps came at the right time. He did what they hired him to do, then got the deal they weren’t willing to offer themselves.

Predators: Trotz’s 2014 exit in Nashville wasn’t all that different; his contract expired, David Poile decided he’d rather have another hand on the wheel (for the first time in franchise history) and that was that. Beyond that, pending sweep to the Avalanche aside, John Hynes took meaningful strides this season. The Preds are in a weird place, but that’s another issue entirely.

Islanders: Groundbreaking as it would be, it’s tough to imagine Lamoriello replacing Trotz with Trotz.