The third preseason game is basically the only exhibition game that matters right? It really doesn’t matter in if the team wins or loses but it matters by how well the first team players play in a “dress rehearsal” of sorts and the Houston Texans on Sunday have a good rehearsal in the third week as they host the New Orleans Saints. For the Texans I feel this game will show a lot of a team that hasn’t had one offseason snap from their All-Pro running back Arian Foster. This game will be a nice way for the Texans to really evaluate their running back situation. Who knows if Foster will be 100-percent in San Diego? It seems the Texans were pleased with Foster’s return to practice on Friday but until he plays in a game situation it will be tough to tell how ready Foster will be at the start of the season. Foster has missed the entire preseason thus far with a calf strain and back spasms. This preseason the leading rusher for Houston has been Deji Karim with 15 carries for 92 yards (6.1 yards per carry). Rookie Cierre Wood has 15 carries for 79 yards (5.3 ypc). Another rookie Dennis Johnson has 11 carries this preseason for 19 yards while rookie Ray Graham has totaled 32 yards on six rushes.