Comparing the two greatest NHL defenseman was not an easy task. The prolific skater Bobby Orr or the best European defenseman ever, Nicklas Lidstrom.

Who ya got?

Bobby Orr is one of the greatest ever players of all-time. He was a defenseman and used his speed and play-making abilities to change the game. Even though his career spanned only 12 years, he was able to revolutionize hockey. Having been born into a family who loved hockey, it was no surprise that the young Orr decided to play hockey. He started playing organized hockey at five years old. Even though he was small and slender, he was talented and hard-working. He played forward before being moved to defense by his coach.

He began his professional career with the Boston Bruins where he played for ten seasons before playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. He is the only defenseman to have scored the most points and assists in a single season.

The Boston Bruin scouts took notice of Orr in 1961 while he was playing in a youth hockey tournament. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings were also interested in signing him. But he chose the Bruins in 1962.