Unlike the defense, the Eagles’ offense isn’t in dire need of a complete overhaul. The Eagles do need improved offensive line depth, a young receiver or two who can run, a backup tight end and a couple quarterbacks who’ll fit into Chip Kelly’s system, but they have terrific weapons at wide receiver and running back and -- if everybody comes back healthy -- the makings of a decent offensive line. Of the 32 offensive guys who either finished last year on the Eagles’ active roster or on Injured Reserve, we’re keeping 16, which is exactly half and might be a little high. But it’s impossible to replace an entire team, and since we’re replacing all but eight guys on defense, we’re going to show a little restraint on offense. Here’s a look at who stays and who goes on offense: Jason Avant: Few slot receivers are better. Is he fast enough for Kelly’s system? I don’t care. Good leader, solid pro, makes big catches. I want him around. Stays. Demetress Bell: Hmm … release him or pay him an $8.5 million roster bonus. Real tough call. Goes. Bryce Brown: If he can learn to hang onto the ball, he could really be a special player. Stays. Brent Celek: A lot of fans are down on the veteran TE, but Celek, when he’s right, is a terrific weapon. One of the few guys who was really devastated last year when the Eagles were losing. Love his attitude. Stays. Riley Cooper: Tricky one. Eagles need to upgrade WR depth, and I’d have no problem taking a receiver in the first few rounds. But if they don’t, I’d be OK keeping Cooper around. Stays. King Dunlap: As bad as Bell was, Dunlap might have been even worse. Goes. Trent Edwards: Good veteran QB to have around, but can’t imagine he’ll fit in. Goes. Nick Foles: He should be the Eagles’ QB this coming year, but I suspect he won’t be. Foles did enough positive things behind a brutal O-line and with limited weapons to earn that chance. Stays.