More than any NBA team, the Boston Celtics have proven that they're willing to go all-in when the opportunity arises. First they parted ways with franchise legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for a bevy of draft picks that may or may not have worked out (they definitely worked out). Most recently, they traded Boston folk hero Isaiah Thomas because of the potential they saw in Kyrie Irving as a franchise leader, and got rid of all-around good guy Avery Bradley to make room for Gordon Hayward. So when reports come out that the Celtics are targeting New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis, you have to believe that general manager Danny Ainge is willing to part with basically any asset in order to get him. But, at least for now, the Pelicans say they have no interest in trading their 24-year-old superstar. So that raises the question, what other stars might the Celtics be willing to part with assets to acquire? Is there anyone on the market who can take the Celtics from a very good team to a great team? Let's take a look at five potential targets, and gauge whether they would be worth the Celtics' time. Keep in mind these are all hypothetical deals that haven't even reportedly been discussed, and the salary details would obviously have to be worked out. Consider this a thought experiment regarding the psyche of a franchise with one of the brightest futures in the NBA.