It's one of the mysteries of the ages, right up there with "Are we alone in the universe?" and "Who exactly bought all those Nickelback records?" -- just who is the inspiration behind the MLB logo?

In the NBA, it's basically a known secret that Lakers guard Jerry West was the inspiration for its logo -- but Major League Baseball is a little less clear.

The rumor for decades has been that it was based on Twins slugger Harmon Killebrew. But is that true? As always, the truth around these things gets kind of murky.

The logo was designed by Jerry Dior in 1968, as MLB was getting ready to celebrate the centennial of professional baseball the next year. It would make sense if Killebrew was the inspiration for the logo at this time: "Killer" was coming off a 44-home run season when he finished second in the American League in MVP voting in 1967. (Unfortunately, his 1968 season was a disappointment as he hit just .210 with 17 home runs in 100 games.)