Many Miami Marlins players aren’t expecting to be back next year due to the expected rebuild/selloff, as was mentioned here in the Giancarlo Stanton interview over the weekend. But the key to the anticipated rebuild is probably Stanton himself. While Jeter didn’t delve deeply into coming plans in his predictably murky opening news conference (earning some local pans), based on recent revenues and expenditures, and keeping in mind these aren’t the most deep-pocketed owners (they took nearly half a year to put together the money for the team, not that it’s easy), it’s a pretty safe assumption a retooling will be undertaken. One current Marlins person said it figures that moving Stanton will almost be “imperative” in the process (so his suggestion to FanRag Sports that he’s willing to go if they want to rebuild is a plus for the incoming owners). There’s rampant speculation in the clubhouse that even the more cost-effective vets, such as Marcell Ozuna, Christian Yelich and perhaps even J.T. Realmuto, could be on the block, as the team is expected to look to get even younger and move the timeline ahead a few years. But a Marlins person said he believed that Realmuto and Yelich are stars they least want to trade because of the time remaining before they can become free agents. The Giants, Cardinals and Phillies were confirmed by sources as the “most aggressive” pursuers of Stanton this summer. Given Stanton’s remark to FanRag that he “won’t rebuild,” it’s time to take another look at which teams the Marlins could target for a trade.