Who do you consider to be the television authority on Major League Baseball? When you think about it, baseball is really the only "big four" American sport without a major television network that consistently covers it on the obsessive level a sport like baseball deserves. No one would ever suggest the NFL and NBA aren't getting top billing at ESPN (and to a lesser extent for the NBA, TNT). The NHL's move over from ESPN to NBC ensured that it would be the centerpiece of entire sports cable network. What major network really focuses on baseball, besides the obvious MLB Network? TBS is home to most of the post-season (through the end of this year, before it splits the LDS with Fox and the Wild Cards with ESPN) but as far as regular MLB coverage ... it's one game a week on Sunday afternoon that nobody watches. The game is blacked out in whatever markets are playing in the game, which means that you see TBS' MLB coverage about six or seven times before the postseason starts. ESPN has Sunday Night Baseball, usually the most-watched game each week, and the ever-decreasing in quality Baseball Tonight, but is anyone really going to the Worldwide Leader for John Kruk's take on whether or not the Braves have added enough hitting to take the NL East this year? Karl Ravech is as solid a baseball man on television as they come, but when's the last time someone from ESPN's baseball department really got anyone talking? Besides Curt Schilling's financial troubles, that is.