Ben Simmons will be sticking to his guns. A report by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reveals that the Australian has no intention of donning the Philadelphia 76ers ever again. Simmons is well aware of the fines for missing media day, practice, and actual games. Starting in the preseason, Simmons can be fined $227,613 per missed game. But from the looks of it, being fined is the least of his concern. He is bent on leaving Philadelphia once and for all.

This recent news has created some pockets of discussion among fans. There’s one side that believes that the 76ers should not have thrown Simmons under the bus after his horrendous playoff performance. Another side believes that it’s ultimately Simmons’ fault for not doing his job not just as a player, but as the team’s star. So who’s fault is it anyway?

To recall, right after Simmons’ blunder in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, both Joel Embiid and Doc Rivers gave the Australian a subtle ribbing in the press conference. For Embiid the moment he realized that everything was going down the drain was when a teammate of his passed up an open lay-up in the clutch. The Cameroonian was careful with his words and did not drop a single name. Yet it was crystal clear to everyone that he was referring to Ben Simmons. Rivers, for his part, was asked if Simmons could be a guard for a championship team. Rivers claims that he doesn’t know the answer to the question.

Fans who are on the side of Simmons believe that the Embiid, Rivers, and pretty much the entire organization should have dealt with the matter internally. Perhaps these fans were thinking of other instances when a player made a horrible blunder but was backed up by his teammate.