Last night, Browns safety Donte Whitner didn’t confine his Twitter ire to the horribly flawed players-supposedly-vote-but-no-one-knows-of-any-player-who-votes Top 100 list on NFL Network. Whitner, a top-10 pick of the Bills back in 2006, made this observation as well: “Wonder how you Bills fans gonna feel when the team is moved? LOL,” and “Can you say Toronto Bills?!?!?!?!“ As best we can decipher from Whitner’s timeline, the wife of Bills (and West Virginia University) legend Darryl Talley took issue with Whitner’s comments. And Whitner fired back. And Darryl Talley eventually got involved: “I’m gonna have 2 go all Louis Vuitton suitcase on this negro @DonteWhitner.” Talley later made reference to Whitner’s new team’s November 30 trip to Buffalo, and to Talley’s own presence in the franchise’s Ring of Honor: “When u come out the tunnel in November look up and left. U’ll never see ur name there or anywhere.” So Whitner eventually challenged Talley to a boxing match. Talley accepted. We think.