There are two ways a team can go in this situation, when there are four losses in the past five games and with the next five on the road: blame or ownership. The Miami Heat offered both in the wake of Friday night's 95-94 loss to the Denver Nuggets at the start of this six-game trip, as they turned their attention to Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center. "Man, I don't know, it's frustrating," center Hassan Whiteside said of the Heat going up by nine points in Friday's first quarter, trailing by nine in the fourth quarter, fighting back into the lead and then losing. "It happens every game -- first quarter we get a big lead, Coach takes out the starters, they tie it up and then we're back and forth." Guard Dion Waiters, by contrast, took more of a collective approach to the misery that has the Heat at 3-5. "We let up," he said. "The starting unit's job is to go out there and get that spark, get that flow, get it going and then, you know, the bench has to come in with that same type of energy. "Sometimes, if the starting five is BSing, sometimes the bench comes in and gives us that spark. But I feel as though we've been getting off to good starts. We just need to keep that same mindset going into games for 48 minutes. Because we're not where we want to be yet." There already have been four lineups over these first eight games, with only one used for as many at three, and that grouping 0-3. The latest move from coach Erik Spoelstra has been starting Okaro White at power forward the past two games. Some of the shifting has been due to injuries, some to chemistry.