While Davies’ amazing life story is well known, the details of how he signed with Bayern are coming out in bits and pieces. This is thanks to the fact that his agent, Nick Househ, a long-time family friend, is not a traditional agent and speaks very freely about the details of the process, much more than most agents are willing to do. His latest interview with The Province reveals new information about Phonzie’s journey, and some of it does not reflect well on his former team the Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS.

While Davies was not on Bayern’s radar in the beginning, Househ retained UK agent Neil Sang to help represent Davies overseas. Neil had previously placed the unfortunate Dale Jennings with Bayern and had a very good opinion of how the club handled young players. Teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, PSG, Barcelona, and Stuttgart all expressed interest in Davies.

After he reached out to the club, Bayern expressed interest in signing Davies and then went silent. Knowing how good a club Bayern was and their size on the world scene, the silence preyed on Househ’s mind. He said:

“He reached out to (Bayern); they connected and he told me they were interested. (But) after a couple of months, that communication between him and Bayern Munich broke down. I asked him a couple of times a day ‘what’s going on with Bayern Munich?’ He said, ‘Yeah, they stopped contacting me back.’

“The next thing we know, Bayern Munich has put in an offer to buy Alphonso.”