Erik Johnson has at least one more start ahead of him at Triple-A Charlotte after a second good outing on Wednesday afternoon. The right-hander, who has made five starts for the White Sox this season, allowed two earned runs and five hits with a walk over seven innings for the Knights. The performance comes on the heels of six scoreless innings in Johnson’s first start since he was demoted to Charlotte. White Sox manager Robin Ventura said Johnson would get another start at Triple-A and that the team hopes he rediscovers the confidence that allowed him to soar through the farm system. In two minor-league starts, Johnson has 10 strikeouts and two walks compared to 15 walks and 18 strikeouts in 23 2/3 innings for the White Sox. Earlier this week, general manager Rick Hahn said he gave Johnson the same speech the White Sox delivered to Joe Crede and Aaron Rowand. “ ‘We think you have a very bright future and can be a part of successful White Sox teams for years to come,’ ” Hahn said. “ ‘But where we are at right now, you are not in a position to effectively pitch at the big leagues. You have to go down and work on X, Y and Z and get that done right and you will be back. “I view it as part of development. Development is not always linear. And inevitably some part of this young group we are putting together, someone is going to wind up back in the minors. You never know which one it’s going to be, but we know sometimes guys have to take it back half a step to take two steps forward.