When he made a diving catch in the first inning of Saturday night's game against the Texas Rangers, White Sox right fielder Carlos Quentin appeared to either dislocate his left shoulder or break the collarbone. An MRI Sunday revealed a less serious injury. Quentin has a sprained AC joint in the shoulder and is listed as day to day. Don't expect Quentin to play until Friday at Seattle, assuming he doesn't land on the disabled list. "It hurts," an uncomfortable Quentin said after Sunday's win. "It (MRI) said it's not broken. When I originally did it I thought something definitely broke. The MRI came back all right. A sprain of the AC joint is what we have. "Hopefully I just pray that it gets better quick. We're not 24 hours out yet, so I have to remind myself that it hasn't been that long since it happened." Quentin is a right-handed thrower, but the left shoulder is important for hitting. "As a hitter, it's your front shoulder," Quentin said. "They said, 'At least it wasn't your throwing shoulder,' but as a hitter I think your front shoulder is more important.