With their temporary stay of execution almost up, White Sox players have taken stock in who could be moved before the trade deadline. Slugger Adam Dunn believes few teammates should feel confident they would still play for the White Sox after the July 31st nonwaiver deadline. General manager Rick Hahn surmises he’d be a popular man if individual players off his underachieving roster were made available. Hahn hasn’t yet made that declaration, but Dunn can see the phone in the GM’s office ringing off the hook with inquiries if he does. With a farm system short on major league ready talent and the possibility Dunn, Alex Rios and Paul Konerko could all be gone in two years, the White Sox potentially have several gaping holes to fill. That fact should leave few souls comfortable with their stature as a member of the White Sox, Dunn said. “Chris Sale,” Dunn said. “He’s immune. Other than that, I’d imagine it's fair game. Chris ain’t going nowhere. They would have to get a complete big league, I think, for him. A big league team. I mean like you’d trade him to the Rangers and get (Elvis) Andrus, (Adrian) Beltre, (Derek) Holland, (Matt) Harrison. Who else they got? Dude’s not going anywhere.”