The White Sox don’t even know how to win properly. Practically none of the talk after Tuesday night’s 5-4 walkoff victory over the New York Mets, on the strength of Alexei Ramirez’s two-out RBI single in the bottom of the ninth inning, regarded the win. Rather than celebrate Ramirez’s big moment after a tough stretch, White Sox players and manager Robin Ventura were left to lament another costly error in a yet another big spot. Gordon Beckham’s run-scoring error with two outs in the ninth inning -- the result of poor communication on an infield popup -- cost Chris Sale a victory after a 13-strikeout performance and led to a blown save by Addison Reed. Only because of Ramirez’s two-out single to left off LaTroy Hawkins (2-1) did the White Sox, who have won three of four, have anything good to reference. “You win a game and you’re talking about the mistakes you make,” Ventura said. “You pat Sale on the back and say ‘good job’, but he doesn’t get the win for that. But Addy is still in a situation with a runner in scoring postion and gets the out and (Jeff Keppinger) does a nice job of getting on. Everyone does a nice job and you win, but everyone focuses on that because you have to clean it up.” Forget the mop and bucket; the White Sox need an industrial strength water pump to clean up this mess. Reed was quickly in trouble as David Wright singled to start the ninth inning and stole second base. But Reed appeared to have found a way out of trouble. He got a strikeout and a nice catch from Jordan Danks in center. Pinch-hitter Daniel Murphy then popped up the first pitch he saw. Both Conor Gillaspie and Beckham charged toward the mound. Gillaspie appeared to be closer but Beckham called him off, stumbled over Reed’s foot and the ball fell harmlessly as Wright scored the tying run. “Well I ran in there and screwed up,” Beckham said. “Stupid play for me. My heart was in the right spot, but mind obviously wasn't. It was loud. I screwed up. It is what it is. I'm glad we won. It didn't cost us the game, but it's a stupid play and I'm an idiot.” Beckham’s not alone -- the White Sox season has been filled with similar mistakes.