A day after he was nearly perfect, Chris Sale’s teammates were highly complimentary of his performance Sunday against the Los Angeles Angels. But as they recounted Sale’s one-hit masterpiece, White Sox players and coaches on Monday hardly seemed to be in awe of what they witnessed. Without question, the White Sox were impressed by Sale’s feat. They just weren’t stunned. He may only have 37 major league starts to his name and those expectations may seem lofty, but it’s all a byproduct of Sale’s stuff, deception and work ethic. Catcher Tyler Flowers has an idea of just how hard Sale makes it for opposing hitters because he has a hard enough time catching the left-hander’s pitches. “He really doesn’t have to be sharp to go out there and give you six or seven innings of one-, two-run ball,” catcher Tyler Flowers said. “He can be off his game and still have that kind of deception and effectiveness. It’s not surprising with how he throws. Catching the ball is a challenge. Trying to hit the ball has to be even more of a challenge.” Especially when Sale has the benefit of the fastball-changeup combination he had on Sunday. Sale’s average four-seam fastball velocity was up nearly a mile per hour to 94.8 per brooksbaseball.net and Flowers thought the pitcher had a better feel for his changeup.