The White Sox Friday announced a multi-year contract extension for manager Robin Ventura. The Sox announced the extension on Twitter. No details were announced. Ventura did not respond to messages. He was offered an extension after his first season in 2012, but turned it down, leading to speculation he would leave after his contract ended after 2014. So what was the change? Ventura told WSCR-AM there was no change, but he wanted to have a full season together with general manager Rick Hahn before talking about an extension. “I was committed to being here and wanting to be here longer,” he said. “And that led to this... I care deeply for the organization and the people who run it. When that report came out, I think it was a little bit misconstrued that I didn’t want to be here. "I do want to be here. It might not necessarily have been in this position if they felt I wasn’t the right guy for the job, but again, I’m passionate about the people I work for and the organization, so I want to make sure everybody is on the same page and wanting the same things.” The Sox always considered Ventura the right guy for the job, and Hahn has been saying so for the last two years. Ventura, 46, has gone 148-176 in two seasons with the White Sox, including a 99-loss season in 2013.