Monday on Instagram, the White Sox celebrated pitchers and catchers day by showing a White Sox pitcher and catcher celebrating. It's a simple concept befitting of the day, and served as a reminder that baseball time is under way. It's no secret that Flowers has his work cut out for him to gain the respect of the Pierzynski loyalists, and he seems to be taking the task seriously. Two days into spring training, he's doing the right things (showing up for camp 10 days early), and he's saying the right things: And so the organization has stepped up their support as well. Robin Ventura took notice of Flowers' extra-early arrival: "I think it’s big. He’s been here early working out and kind of setting the example for everybody else. He feels he’s ready, we feel he’s ready, and to give him that support. I like the fact that he’s come in here early and set the tone already and that he’s willing to go out and earn it, not just getting handed off to him."