Well, big spenders compared to their past history. They're no match for the Rays. Baseball America compiled the notable bonuses the White Sox handed out in 2012: OF Hanleth Otano, Dominican Republic, $550,000. 3B Luis Castillo, Dominican Republic, $450,000 SS Johan Cruz, Dominican Republic, $450,000 OF Antonio Rodriguez, Dominican Republic, $400,000 RHP Victor Done, Dominican Republic, $225,000 RHP Yelmison Peralta, Dominican Republic, $200,000 OF Roger Ramos, Dominican Republic, $85,000 Total: $2,360,000 It should be noted that Rodriguez signed prior to July 2, 2012, and therefore his signing bonus does not count towards the $2.9 million cap imposed by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement for July 2,2012-July 1, 2013 spending. This increased spending is consistent with what I wrote about earlier this week. Hopefully the addition of the three scouts the White Sox recently hired for territories outside of the Dominican Republic will result in a bit more diversity in the locations of signees.