Tucson Roadrunners captain Craig Cunningham collapsed ahead of Saturday’s AHL contest. He left the ice on a stretcher and was taken to hospital. The game has been postponed. Saturday’s AHL contest between the Tucson Roadrunners and Manitoba Moose has been postponed after Roadrunners winger Craig Cunningham collapsed on the ice ahead of the start of the contest. In the moments leading up to puck drop, Cunningham, 26, was skating near center when he fell to the ice. Medical staff immediately attended to Cunningham, and, according to Global Winnipeg’s Mitch Rosset, there is speculation that Cunningham suffered a seizure before falling to the ice. Tucson.com’s Ezra Amacher reported that medical staff was also performing chest compressions while Cunningham was on the ice. Medical staff cut away Cunningham’s equipment while attending to him and he was removed from the ice on a stretcher. Rosset reported that paramedics continued performing CPR on the Roadrunners captain as he was rushed to an ambulance. He has been taken to local hospital. Both teams cleared the ice and players returned to the dressing room, and after a long delay, it was announced that the game would be postponed.