Steve Martin and the late John Candy have nothing on Michael Cammalleri. The newly-acquired Calgary Flames sniper could have written a script over the past 24 hours that would rival any 1980s comedy. "It's been planes, trains and automobiles," an exhausted Cammalleri told a massive media scrum in front of his new locker-room stall at the Saddledome. "It's been pretty wild. I haven't had much sleep at all. It's been a lot of travel and phone calls and messages." After being traded mid-game by the Montreal Canadiens, Cammalleri got in a cab and was back at the team's hotel in Boston before the game ended. From there, it was series of flights and airports before he walked into the Flames locker-room around 5:30 p.m. Friday night. He said he's got an arm's-length list of messages to return. "There's been some text messages," he said. "I've had some missed calls. So I'll have to try to make some calls tonight. "Mostly just text messages with a bunch of the guys here." Cammalleri said he was looking to catching his breath after a three-day ordeal that began with his "we're playing like losers" comment that touched off a media storm in Montreal and ended with his trade to Calgary. "We were on a one-game road trip, so I don't really have any clothes," said Cammalleri, who takes pride in his fashion sense. "I'm just going to get to the hotel, relax, get a good meal. "I probably won't worry too much about the phones tonight. Just call the guys on this team who have reached out and touch base with them."