During the customary 162-game marathon that Major League Baseball teams endure, there are very few avenues for bad teams to sustain enough good luck to squeeze into the incredibly exclusive postseason. However, in a 60-game sprint, the possibilities are a lot wilder.

Of course, the Baltimore Orioles will still be the worst in the league, even if all nine teams in their realigned division each had their three best players opt out of the season.

However, some under-the-radar teams may have accidentally been assembled to succeed in a shortened season. Without yet knowing who opts out, let's break down the types of clubs that could be built to win under these unusual circumstances:

Best depth

It may simply come down to depth.

The Los Angeles Angels could be a wild-card team to watch, but losing one of Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, or Anthony Rendon for even 15 games - one-quarter of the season - could easily be their undoing.

Meanwhile, the teams that can best weather such absences will be increasingly strong.

The Los Angeles Dodgers immediately come to mind when thinking of depth, but they were always set to be a juggernaut. There are a couple of fringe contenders, though, that could look even better than expected.