I stared at the text message from my NFL.com editor for five minutes on Sunday evening.

Hey ... idea for your Schein Nine. Another topsy-turvy Sunday. What if you rank the nine teams you trust most right now.

It's genius. It's daunting.

And I want to stress a few key words in this exercise: "trust" and "right now."

Just before this season kicked off, I predicted the Rams would hit the Super Bowl (where they'd lose to the Bills). And I'm sticking with that. Not because I'm stubborn. I think the Rams have awesome talent and coaching. I think this bye week will help -- though the ensuing Thanksgiving weekend game at Green Bay will not. But yeah, the original Super Bowl forecast -- Bills over Rams -- remains quite viable, so I'll keep it. Preseason Super Bowl predix are a long play!

That said, seeing the Rams follow up a double-digit home loss to the Derrick Henry-less Titans with a road shellacking at the hands of the 49ers, I cannot include my NFC Super Bowl rep on a list of teams I trust most RIGHT NOW. Especially with L.A. still clearly reeling from the Robert Woods injury. I'm just not there with this team in this very moment. Talk to me in December.

But in mid-November, which teams do I ride with? Well, that's why we're here today.

This is NOT a power ranking, as Titans fans need to realize. Rather, this is an up-to-the-minute trust tree. And at this point, in the third week of the season's third month, these are the NFL teams I trust most, Schein Nine style.