If multiple teams are willing to sell the farm to land Deshaun Watson, who would have the most to sell?

That’s the question the Texans are probably asking themselves right now. Watson hasn’t formally requested a trade from Houston, but based on offseason reports, it’s clear the soon-to-be fifth-year pro wants out. The Texans now have to consider trading their superstar quarterback—something that almost never happens—and they will undoubtedly be wading through plenty of offers.

There are complicating factors to any potential Watson deal—most notably, Watson’s no-trade clause, which gives the quarterback significant leverage in selecting his next team—but the Texans will at least start by asking for the farm. And they may even get it. Proven quarterbacks of Watson’s caliber virtually never become available via trade or free agency, so the asking price could be enormous. There’s really no such thing as an overpay for a franchise passer.

So let’s pretend that this bidding war gets out of control. Which NFL team has enough to put together a package the Texans simply can’t refuse? Using Chase Stuart’s NFL draft value chart to compare first- and second-round draft picks over the next two seasons, there are three teams—the Jets, Dolphins, and Jaguars—that stand alone with enormous treasure chests of assets. Here’s how their potential offers could compare:


Draft capital:

No. 2 overall pick

No. 23 overall pick (via Seahawks)

No. 34 overall pick

2022 first-round pick

2022 first-round pick (via Seahawks)

2022 second-round pick

Total value: 103.7