Baseball has lurched to the one-week mark until almost every spring training camp opens, and of course you’re well-aware dozens of unsigned players won’t be walking through those doors.

But never mind the unknown destinations of Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and a cadre of others who can greatly improve your hometown nine. At this point, we’re not even sure what entire teams are up to, despite having more than 100 days to build a roster.

Who’s going for it? Who’s tanking? Who’s destined to languish in the middle?

While all this can change with a couple expensive strokes of a few pens, here’s a look at the apparent intentions of all 30 clubs, even as future Hall of Famers wait to discover their permanent homes:

In It To Win It (11)

Red Sox: The defending champs return nearly intact. Even if they’re still down a bullpen arm, a dropoff from 108 wins is hardly cataclysmic.

Yankees: A decade removed from their last title and still pinching pennies, the Bombers nonetheless got better with James Paxton,  D.J. LeMahieu and a true bullpen of death.

Rays: Hey, everything's relative. The Rays return a 90-win core, dropped a franchise record $15 million per year on Charlie Morton and did their standard hunting and pecking on the fringe of the roster.

Indians: They certainly need outfield help that may yet come. But by not trading any of their dominant pitching, the Indians all but ensured another crack at October.

Astros: And maybe Dallas Keuchel, against all odds, comes back to them.

Braves: Haven’t yet “gone for it” in the bigger manner some anticipated, but a $23 million rental of Josh Donaldson says plenty.

Phillies: They’ll still get a chance to spend that “stupid” money; the $74 million for Andrew McCutchen and David Robertson still feels like mere prelude.

Nationals: Slowly but surely becoming the gold standard for giving a damn.

Brewers: More sock with Yasmani Grandal and more fortifications to come.

Cubs: A terrible winter for the Ricketts, but a good team still in place.

Dodgers: A.J. Pollock and Joe Kelly make them better as several stars flee division rivals.