Jingle snark, jingle snark, jingle all the way: I believe Joe Maddon knows what game he’s watching. But did Maddon know which Kyle Schwarber at-bats he was watching last year? The Cubs manager said recently he would consider using Schwarber at leadoff again if Schwarber takes his walks, but here’s the thing: In the first 38 games last season when he batted leadoff all but three times, Schwarber walked 24 times in 174 plate appearances (14 percent), but the rest of the season after the experiment was ditched, he walked only 35 times in 312 plate appearances (11 percent). So, if Maddon’s looking for Schwarber to walk, he ought to bat him leadoff. Despite reported interest from both the Cubs and White Sox, among others, the Orioles are threatening to take All-Star infielder Manny Machado off the market. As they continue to flail at creating leverage and worthwhile options, the Orioles’ next move is to hold their breath until they turn blue.