As soon as it was announced that Charles Woodson would be released from the Packers the major NFL media outlets unleashed their gaggle of talking heads upon us, speculating where Woodson may end up. Now that a brief mourning period has passed, it is a good time for us to jump in the ring as well and look at some potential landing spots for the Packer legend. There are three big things that should determine where Woodson ends up: how close the team is to winning a Super Bowl, how much money he will be paid, and how much opportunity he has to play on Sundays. Keeping those things in mind, here’s a breakdown of some potential landing spots either highlighted by a national outlet or a place from one of the staffers here at APC: The New England Patriots – Everyone is going to bring up the Pats because this is the sort of move the Belichick and company are known for. Get an aging veteran looking to win one more championship and has a high football IQ. They are a contender, they have some big needs in the secondary, but I’m not sure how much they would be willing to pay Sir Charles. The last part of this tried and true Patriot strategy is to get the vet on the cheap and I’m not totally convinced that Woodson will come at a bottom basement price. The Houston Texans – Unlike the NFC, the AFC looks to be dominated by a handful of teams right now. As a result the easiest way to get to the Super Bowl is to hop on to one of those teams. The Texans have the look of one of those contenders. They have a great defensive coordinator running an opportunistic 3-4 system like the Packers. Woodson could also fit a need with the Texans having four potential free agents in the secondary this year.