The Miami Dolphins will not be trading for Houston Texans defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, multiple league sources said Monday contrary to rumors that have pervaded the internet the last 24 hours. So there you have it, a giant zero packaged as news.

Except that’s not actually the news.

At least that’s not the news Dolphins fans should really care about. The information that actually affects this team and its future is the reason the Dolphins have no desire to pursue whatever Clowney interest the Texans may try to elicit:

The Dolphins are not looking at adding Clowney because they are interested in finding a quarterback in next year’s draft. And not just any quarterback, by the way, but the best one they can find in the first round.

And that will require next year’s first-round draft pick and possibly more picks if the team has to trade those to climb higher in the draft order to grab that quarterback.

So the Dolphins feel they cannot trade away the pick or some of the picks they would potentially use to select a quarterback in next year’s draft.

(Obviously, if the Texans wanted to deal Clowney for a second- or third-round pick, that would pique any team’s interest. But that’s not reality because the Texans aren’t trading away Clowney at a bargain rate, if at all).