It seems that everyone has a view on what the Baltimore Orioles will do in 2013. If you listen to the national media, this team has no chance at all. If you listen to the most optimistic of people, this is the same team that went to the playoffs in 2012 and there’s no reason to believe that they can’t replicate that in ’13. However the question at hand isn’t what are the expectations; the question is where should they be? You might find yourself asking what’s the difference? The difference is slight, if it exists at all. However ultimately the answer to what are the expectations lies in looking at the moves the team made in the off season compared to what they already had. The answer to what should the expectations be lies in the hearts and minds of the fans. If you listen to the national media, you’ll probably come away thinking that the 2013 Orioles don’t have a chance to compete. I suppose that given what some people interpret as the underwhelming nature of the off season moves the team made, it isn’t overly surprising. So am I suggesting that the 2013 Orioles are going to plow through their competition more so than they did last year? Not really, especially given that we don’t even know what the final roster is going to be yet. (Having said that, be sure the check back on Monday, April 1st when I’ll post the official Birds Watcher season preview!) I don’t think it’s fair to this team, Buck Showalter, or Dan Duquette to say that they’ll be back in the cellar. I think they proved last year that they had staying power, and they also had the ability to work through various injuries with their “next man up” mentality. Consequently, it’s also unfair to them to just assume that they’ll be back in the playoffs. (I might add that it’s also a bit arrogant.) If you put lofty goals on a team or on a person that can sometimes be difficult to live up to. Knowing the makeup of the Orioles, odds are they would at the very least accept the challenge.