Shareef O’neal and Khalil Whitney were both high level 5 star basketball recruits coming out of high school, Shareef choosing to commit to UCLA and Khalil committing to Kentucky; but now the two young stars will enter the transfer portal and choose a new school to play for. This is something that is becoming more and more common in college basketball, kids just like Shareef and Khalil who are both very talented players realize that they committed to a school that doesn’t exploit their talents. As a result of this, these kids either end up transferring or they realize too late and end up completely under achieving throughout their college career.

In High School Khalil Whitney averaged 19.4 points and about 6 rebounds per game for Roselle Catholic, which is a school with one of the best high school basketball programs in the entire state of New Jersey. His play also landed him a spot on the McDonald’s All America team. With his high school resume in consideration you would think that Khalil would have a smooth transition to college basketball.