Where do the Red Sox go from here? The answer is simple: back to the playoffs.

That's it. That's the column.

But for the sake of getting the most out of your click, let's expound a bit.

Late Sunday, while Patriots fans were celebrating the first victory en route to another Super Bowl, Dave Dombrowski was ousted as Sox president of baseball operations. The team made it official Monday morning.

When the Red Sox hired Dombrowski in August 2015 after the Tigers let him go, they knew exactly what they were getting: an executive who wouldn't be afraid to spend money, make big trades and maybe mortgage some of their future in order to win at the major league level.

To that end, Dombrowski's methods worked: Boston won it all in 2018 with a historically great Red Sox squad and some of the key players — Chris Sale, David Price, J.D. Martinez — were guys who Dombrowski brought in via trade or free-agent signing.