The NFL schedule for 2019 will be released soon. Though the NFL's exact schedule release date has fluctuated in recent years, we know one thing — the league prefers to release its schedule a week before the draft, which in 2019 begins April 25. The NFL has not yet announced its schedule release date for 2019, but based on precedents, a good bet is Thursday, April 18. Another strong possibility is Tuesday, April 16.

The regular-season NFL schedule, including the individual schedules for all 32 teams, is typically released a couple weeks after the preseason schedule. Though NFL teams will not know the details of their schedules until all are released, they at least know their opponents for 2019. Those opponents are listed below.

At the NFL's annual meeting last month, commissioner Roger Goodell hinted at the 2019 NFL schedule release date when he said the league was on pace to release its schedules in "mid-April," just as it has done for the last 15 or so years. The last two schedule release dates fell on Thursdays (April 19 last year; April 20 in 2017), which is another reason many are thinking the 2019 NFL schedule will be released Thursday, April 18.

The NFL claims it will not force its schedule release if all the slates are not ready come the week before the draft — it is, after all, a complicated process (more on that later). Yet we all know the league likes to make spring splashes whenever it can, and it likes to spread out those splashes if possible. So don't expect the NFL to release its 2019 schedule on the same week of the draft.