Every playoff team talks a good game about bouncing back. About taking the punch, and then picking themselves back up and winning the next round.

Talk, however, is cheap.

You’ve got to walk into Los Angeles and win a must-win Game 6, before anybody — including those inside your own group — can truly believe you have it inside of you.

You’ve got to shut a team down at home to win a Game 7, and when the next round starts with a messy 9-6 loss, you can’t just tell everyone that you’re going to grab hold of the series and take it back home tied at one apiece.

You’ve got to walk the walk, like the Edmonton Oilers did on Friday night in Cowtown.

“It’s an emotional roller-coaster. You've got to try to stay off of it as much as you can,” explained Zach Hyman, whose shorthanded goal midway through the third period stood up as the winner in a stunning 5-3 Game 2 victory over the Calgary Flames. “It’s hockey, and some nights bounces are going to go your way and some nights they’re not. You’ve got to battle through, even tonight.”

Edmonton scored five and had two goals called back, while the Flames had a sketchy disallowed goal themselves.