Save Ike Davis, Mets brass. Send him down to Triple-A already. Not because he’s batting .147 and not because he’s 1-for-his-last-38. Not because a guy who is supposed to be driving in runs has all of nine RBI this season. Not because he screwed up in the field Wednesday and appears to be taking his slump out to first base along with his mitt. No, demote Davis to get him away from the microscope that is now following every hitch in his swing, every step of his latest disappointed shuffle back to the dugout following another lost at-bat. Take the pressure off him for a few weeks and give him some time to recharge in the heat of Las Vegas. Hey, it's a different kind of heat there. Dry, not coming from the stands or the media. And, as Zack Wheeler’s comments earlier this season reminded us, the Pacific Coast League is a hitter’s dream. Maybe a few deep drives in that thin air will give Davis’ confidence a needed jolt. Right now, the Mets are insisting that while Davis could be sent down at some point, nothing is imminent. He stayed in the majors last season when he struggled badly and wound up with 32 homers. Would sending him down then have prevented this slow start? That’s unknowable. But continuing to play him now, at a time when the Baseball Gods are throwing a season’s worth of plot twists at him — interference, a bungled grounder at a crucial time, more strikeouts, daily press deconstructions of his woes, debate in the club’s corridors of power over his status — puts him in danger of becoming a permanent symbol of Met futility. Who would wish that on anyone? Davis is a potentially wonderful slugger, a prime piece in this Met revitalization we keep hearing about, the one that’s supposed to take place once Wheeler is here, Matt Harvey gets even better and Travis d’Arnaud comes up and they sign some really useful free agents after the season.