Winnipeg Jets American forward Blake Wheeler said Monday that he would support a national anthem protest from a teammate. "Some of the language, you know, that (Trump) used about NFL players, I think that was kind of the last straw for a lot of guys," Wheeler said after Monday morning's skate. "It's just kind of been a bit of a slow boil. The rhetoric over and over has gone a little bit too far," he said. On Saturday, Wheeler tweeted that U.S. president Donald Trump was violating first amendment rights by calling on NFL owners to “fire” players who knelt in protest during the national anthem. “It’s the First Amendment to our Constitution. The First one!!” Wheeler tweeted. “Regardless of how it makes you feel individually, these are literally the principles the US was founded on. Come on, Mr. President,” he tweeted seconds later. Toronto Maple Leafs forward James van Riemsdyk, an American who was born in New Jersey, agreed with Wheeler's tweets. "I thought he had a good point there, it's kind of crazy that we're talking about our president going back and forth with people on social media," he said Monday. According to Quant Hockey, 25.4 per cent of players who suited up for NHL teams during the 2016-17 season were born in the U.S.