The question is simple and direct, informed by watching and re-watching every Chiefs game as well as conversations with football people both inside and outside of the organization: Do you notice teams attacking the Chiefs offense differently over the recent 1-3 stretch than they did during the 5-0 start? The answer that came back is also simple and direct, informed by life on the inside of the Chiefs, but filtered through the Everything Must Remain Secret culture of the NFL. Chiefs receiver Demarcus Robinson took a deep breath, and a long pause. “I kind of do,” he said. “But I don’t want to say. So I’d rather not say.” In other words: Yes. Confirmed. Absolutely. One hundred percent. Teams are playing the Chiefs differently, but Robinson enjoys his job and paycheck too much to give specifics. That means we have to interpret here, and they don’t let sports columnists in the meeting rooms — at least not yet! — so disclaimers apply to the translation ... but here we go: Andy Reid, in his fifth year in charge of the Chiefs, finally has a roster transformed from what he inherited (so slow and non-threatening that Donnie Avery was the best they could send on deep routes) to one with dynamic playmakers at every level. During those first five games, Reid let it eat. His schemes and play calls were gorgeous to watch, and literally changed how many teams played. Kareem Hunt’s 78-yard touchdown catch against the Patriots inspired copycats with the Rams, Patriots and others using running backs in vertical routes.