The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl Champions and atop of the football world - right now. However, all that doesn't mean much, other than the right to pick last in the 2013 NFL Draft, and get a huge target printed on them by the rest of the league for next season. It's lonely at the top and the Ravens will find that out in more ways than one from this point forward, at least until a new NFL champion is crowned after Super Bowl 48 next February. As a result of finishing first in the AFC North, the Ravens will play a first-place schedule, meaning that other than the rotating division and conference schedule, Baltimore will also play the other two first-place teams in the AFC. Meanwhile the Cincinnati Bengals, who finished second in the division, will play the other 2nd place teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers play the other 3rd place teams and the Cleveland Browns, well, who really cares? To be more specific, the AFC North will play the AFC East and NFC North next season as part of the NFL's rotating schedule.