Theo Walcott could be the biggest loser if Arsenal sign Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for £40 million. All reports are pointing towards a huge improved offer of £40 million from the Gunners, as they try to force Liverpool’s hand and sign one of the best Premier League strikers around. The Gunners finally seem to be putting their vast wealth to good use, improving the team which will ultimately give them a better chance of securing silverware next season for the first time since 2005. The danger, and the issue that Arsene Wenger must not overlook, is how such high profile signings are going to affect the players he already has, the players who worked so hard to make sure Arsenal finished fourth last season. If Suarez comes in, it’s difficult to see how Theo Walcott is going to get anywhere near his desired centre forward role because it just pushes him further down the pecking order for that position. Walcott’s contract extension to the summer of 2016 seemed to be based largely around the idea that he would slowly convert into a centre forward, from being stuck out on the right wing.