The Clippers sat Kawhi Leonard for their home loss to the Bucks last night.

The NBA approved. Old-school thinkers did not.

But what about fans who paid to watch Leonard? What would Clippers coach Doc Rivers tell them?

Rivers, via Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times:

“They get to see me.”

When the laughter subsided, Rivers addressed the subject more seriously.

“Listen, I’m a fan of basketball as well, not just a coach,” he said. “I feel for that. I understand that. We obviously have to do what’s right by our players. We have to. It’s our duty. And for a fan, it’s just really a tough one. There’s no answer. There’s no correct answer that I’m going to give you that will satisfy that person.”

Was there a way to better balance the interests of the players and the fans?

“The issue is take away all the back-to-backs,” Rivers said. “That would be one.”

This is the fundamental issue facing the NBA.