But now that the Ravens Super Bowl victory can be considered "so last season", Steeler Nation turns its collective minds and hearts to the questions that must be answered and the decisions that must be made if the Steelers are going to extricate themselves from the salary cap morass the team finds itself in, and recover from a pedestrian 8-8 season. The Steelers face a myriad of player decisions in the upcoming months. SteelCityRoller has published a great series of articles outlining the serious issues surrounding the entire roster in meeting projected $120.6 million salary cap, complete with salaries, bonuses and the monetary implications of cutting players or restructuring contracts. Along with the salary considerations however, come other ramifications of the decisions the Front Office must make for each player. For today, the focus is on the defense. One commenter, A_Smitty56, hit the nail on the head when he recently asked in response to a comment about Will Allen replacing Troy Polamalu in the secondary: "But...That was with reliable Keisel, Hampton, Taylor, and Harrison on the field most of the time. How is Allen going to do when they are gone and replaced by Heyward, McLendon, Lewis and Worilds?