The mid-afternoon Texas Rangers buzz Monday at the winter meetings, not too long after the Chris Martin news broke, is that the Rangers and New York Mets were discussing a swap involving everyone’s favorite trade piece, Jurickson Profar, and right-hander Matt Harvey. Profar has no starting role with the Rangers in 2018, but will be on the roster because he is out of options. Harvey has had multiple injuries, some misbehavior and mostly bad results since the Mets’ run to the World Series in 2015, and he’s a free agent after 2018. The buzz was then quickly poo-pooed by one of the originators of the rumor as well as T.R. Sullivan of “Many obstacles to overcome,” or something like that, with the primary one being it really doesn’t make any sense for the Rangers. One, the Rangers are looking to upgrade their rotation. The latest versions of Harvey just don’t do that. The Rangers could do better in free agency — or with Matt Bush — at the same price as Harvey’s projected $5.9 million in arbitration.