After refusing to waive his no-movement clause in the summer and be exposed in the expansion draft to the Vegas Golden Knights (which he was fully entitled to do) Dion Phaneuf was traded from the floundering Ottawa Senators to the possibly playoff bound Los Angeles Kings. A few things have changed for Phaneuf since he expressed his desire to remain a Senator, the biggest being that Ottawa went from the Eastern Conference Final to lottery position. It’s also likely he was interested in going to Los Angeles so his wife, Elisha Cuthbert, can continue her acting career. The Senators retained 25 per cent of Phaneuf’s remaining contract, which carries a cap hit of $7 million total for three more seasons after this one, though his actual salary drops to $6.5 million per year the next two years, and $5.5 million in the last. Having Phaneuf at a $5.25 million cap hit (after the retained salary) is better than $7 million, but at 32 years old and turning 33 on April 10, what can the Kings expect out of Phaneuf from ages 33-35? To find out, let’s look at what Phaneuf has been able to do over the past three seasons at 5-on-5, offensively, defensively, and in transition.