We’re entering the fourth day of workouts for Orioles pitchers and catchers, along with a handful of position players who reported early. What stands out for me as I sit in front of my laptop and attend the daily Zooms?

No matter how much I crank up the heat in my house, it can’t duplicate the Florida sun. But let’s stay on topic.

None of the pitchers and catchers reported late due to work visa or health issues, and that’s as unusual as me being home while there’s snow and ice on my driveway.

Stragglers are sort of a spring tradition, and we were told that a few pitchers had international travel issues. Maybe it’s the next wave.

Manager Brandon Hyde didn’t mark anyone absent and he said every pitcher completed a bullpen session over the first two days. No one is being held back or on a limited schedule.

This is an early victory, but it doesn’t change the 0.0 calculation from FanGraphs.com.

The Orioles will consider a six-man rotation in order to lighten the workload on pitchers who must ramp up from 60 to 162 games and experience a significant jump in innings.

It could be for a short period to begin the season. It could happen later in the summer, whether to rest some guys or make room for prospects to debut.

It might not happen at all. Who knows in February? But the idea is on the table.

Matt Harvey is vying for a spot in the rotation, but the idea of using him in relief or a swingman role hasn’t been dismissed.

The Orioles need relievers who can give them length. They need a wide selection of starters while transitioning from 60 to 162 games.

They need Harvey to be healthy and pitch a lot better. Let’s start there.

They also need Hunter Harvey to stay healthy, which isn’t a revelation.